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BPD Injection Recovery Pattern is used to create a recovery mechanism for your BPDs in case a javascript or some other error happens and which can be resolved by correcting the input data to your tasks, we design an additional UCA based launch which takes the updated data (in XMl format) from the user through a Recovery console (Human Service) and the step at which to inject the data at, thus a new instance is created with the same set of data inputs as the original process instancess except for the corrected data elements.

You can retrieve the original data from Process Inspector or through REST API and update it so that the previous error will not happen and resurrect the BPD at the specific step it failed.

Here is the download for a working sample you can use it as a template https://bpm.tips/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=2775505746467741826

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@indiabpm - why do you need the solution in paragraph 1 when you can do what you describe in paragraph 2?
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what i meant was update the data from the recovery user interface by correcting the business data xml and then inject it via the UCA not update directly with REST API.

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