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Hi, we are looking for the same, let me share the requirement:-

I have a variable count = 2;

based on this count I want to create tabs dynamically.

Any help will be appreciated.
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mdaziz, this is done by using a table type control and with styling make the table appear like a tab and rows of the table are tab content, you can also have a add new tab button by adding a new list element

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Attached is a working custom control called "Advanced Repeating Tabs" which takes a list input and shows the same Coah View repeated for each element of the list, it has tabs on top and tabs on left configurations also you can bind any list element to the label and each tab will show that label based on the list items. You can enable/disable addition and deletion of tabs. When you add a new tab an Unittled tab appears with the same repeated Coach View, when you enter the values connected to the label the label of the tab changes.

Download control for IBM BPM 8.6 This should work in 8.5.7 also you will have to transfer the code manually to 8.5.7

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