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1. Mobile users want faster responses as compared to a desktop user, so performance is a primary consideration for your user interfaces

2. They should be tested with different mobile devices e.g. ipad, iphone, android phone, samsung tables since a responsive design adjusts to the device type and screen size and resolution also testing with a desktop by resizing the browser window is also needed.

3. Though people try to design a desktop UI as a dual purpose mobile design but recommended approach is to have two different UIs one for desktop and one for mobile apps. Since mobile UIs need small html and minimal scripts.

4. Mobile design needs trade off between what is on the home pages vs what is in subsequent layers of the ui

5. Mobile UX design principles

  • Clarity – How can you ensure that the user knows how to use the site? Consider the use of strong visual cues such as the use of color and drop shadows on buttons to prompt the desired user action.
  • Navigation – Again, you consider if flat design adds anything or if it creates confusion in the user and how you can overcome this. You should also consider if it’s worth having a dropdown menu or a standard, traditional top menu.
  • Gestures – you must think in terms of time, dimension, and animation. How will your interface respond when it’s swiped or pulled from top? Interactions and animations require even more care with regards to visual refinement and response times.
  • Forms – Input forms need to be short and concise, not ask the user to enter all kinds of details from their age to the name of their dog. Limit forms to one or two fields and ensure that they are big enough to click into. Also take care with form labels as these can easily be thrown off on mobile devices.
  • Touch – As discussed earlier, clickable areas should follow the fat finger rule and not encroach on surrounding areas.

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