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Obviously Spark UI Toolkit, As It Provides 90+ Stock Control & Which Has Hell Lot Of Features When Compared To Brazos.

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the number of stock controls seems like a strange criteria to say Spark is obviously better than Brazos. Spark looks very powerful and will now come out of the box so clearly it has some advantages, but we've found a lot of great features and benefits out of Brazos.
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Could You Tell Me The Count Of Controls Does Brazos Provide??
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Spark UI Toolkit has indeed more controls, but it also has better documentation and tutorials. The required information is quicker accessible on the Salient website. Also the response to bugs is very good.

Sure it has some issues, like NVP is switched and a table with just simple types. But it is a very good toolkit.

And it will be integrated into BPM (started in the 857 fix releases)
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Here is the documentation for the different Brazos controls:  https://brazos-docs.bp-3cloud.com/

It's up to you to decide which one is better.  Personally, I don't think that sheer number of controls is a good measurement because it doesn't speak towards the quality or flexibility of individual controls.
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Out detailed evaluation of spark shows promising, besides being a toolkit it provides a framework for inter coachview communication control addressing, formulas and neatly interfaces with coach view functions using @functionname, except for a few hiccups here and there which have workarounds, i like the service data table and service call for ajax integrations  as well as the notification control for application status messages, biggest problem of brazos is that it was feature rich and started initially as a very good toolkit but over time due to catering to too many diverse requirements ended up with a poorly performing toolkit because of very heavy libraries to load.

The flexibility of spark in terms of responsive conditions is also very good till a certain screen size it adjusts automatically and if you need to use a even smaller screen you can put a responsive sensor and change the layout panels and sections e.g. from horizontal to vertical etc.

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