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1) Start message event : 

- If you are using UCA as start message event where on occurance of an event  you are starting a process, Irrespective of how many numbers of tracks and snapshot you have, only UCA attached to active and default snapshot will get invoked. As there can only be one active and default snapshot on a given process application , No additional steps will required to be performed.

2) Intermediate Message Event:

- If you are using UCA as an intermediate message event, where we are binding the invocation of UCA based on co-relation Id where process gets suspended until  the event with specific co-relation id occurs.All the active snapshots of an application will listen to the event where we can ending up creating a race condition.

- To avoid these, you need to ensure , there will always be unique co-relation id per instance (i.e instance id , case id etc)


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