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One way of using Angular JS can be with IBM BPM 8.x onwards is to create a Headless UI which communicates with BPM8 using REST API calls and JSON processing, you can build a complete portal with inbox etc and also have your own user interfaces(Human Tasks) connected to input and outputs of an "external activity" in BPM, The process (BPD) manages the process flow and routing etc. but the Human tasks are built in angular js which at the beginning pick up the data from the external activity and at the end update the data and mark the task complete, similar to a Human Service, all this interaction can be done with REST API calls.
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Thanks for the quick reply. That make sense.
But I am looking for an end to end IBM BPM solution where instead of "external activity" we want "human task" only and we want to use angular JS within coach views.

If I get the guidelines on how to use angular JS within coach views.
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If you are using v8.5.6 then below link might be useful
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For loading an angular js controller we need to use coachViewHelper function.First we need to make sure that coachViewHelper function is loaded.Then the coachViewHelper will load angular js library and several helper functions.Then using the coachViewHelper we can load the angular js controller and we can bootstrap your view.

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