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BP-3 has a very good toolkit for working with xls, with advanced formatting capabilities
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There are multiple ways to come to a solution. My particular use case was to read an excel file content using BAW V.19 on the Cloud

The way I resolved this was to upload the document some how into the server (which is hard because in the cloud I dont have access to servers nor file paths), then was to access the file using apache poi and finally extract the data. Here the steps:

First, I had to identify how to upload a document in the BPM ECM to handle the document. This is the easieast part but tricky, because depending on the toolkit you can use multiple components, in my case I used a Document Explorer. Once uploaded I catch the documentId from the document uploaded event

Second I had to use a Content Integration Task to access the document, I passed the document Id and then I get the documentObject

Third, I built a java application with POI: For this step you can import the poi jars in your process app and use the api methods to access the content, but in my case I built a java app (its easier to debug and faster to code) once was ready I packed into a jar and imported in the process app. All I had to do is to pass the content to a method that I created, documentObject.content, from that content you can create an Input Stream which can be used to create a Workbook object under POI

Hope this info helps and if details needed don't hesitate on asking


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