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This is a implementation of the email notification with timer event pattern, a timer event is attached to the Process Task and in the post of the timer event the current task id is passed to the email sending service as follows

tw.local.taskID = tw.system.step.task.id

then the taskID is passed to the Email Sender service which constructs the task launch URL as follows

tw.local.messageText += "http://" + tw.env.serverhostname +  ":" + tw.env.serverport + "/teamworks/process.lsw?zWorkflowState=1&zTaskId=" + tw.local.taskID; 

A sample twx for 8.5.5 is attached here https://bpm.tips/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=16093317356553935009

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It is a good practice to have the task URL in the custom email notifications, custom email notifications are generally sent using attached timer events which are not repeatable and start after task is created/assigned

The URL patters is

http://{serverhostname}:{server port}/teamworks/process.lsw?zWorkflowState=1&zTaskId=xxxx  

To get the task id from the task you can use the following call in the post assignment of the timer event since the timer is attached to the task the current step is the task

tw.local.taskID  = tw.system.step.task.id
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Is there a way to pass input variable values with this task URL format?
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input variables can be suffixed in the following syntax


I had to dig it out of old lombardi wiki site dumps, glad you asked and this can be recorded for future developers

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