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Following are some of the base set of documents which need to be created

1. Application Environment Configurations - This should be created and maintained at a central location for Each Application.

2. COE Application Inventory - This is one per COE carrying a listing with high level overview and elementary details about each on-boarded application.

3. Application Overview Template - A Template providing guidelines to create an overview per application.

4. Architectural Guidelines - Architectural guidelines to be followed while designing and developing Process Applications.

5. Artifact Naming Conventions - It is recommended to have a globally applicable naming conventions for all your artifacts spread across different Process Applications.

6. Code Review Checklist - A centrally maintained code review checklist to be adhered to by the Process Application Teams.

7. COE Standardization Toolkits - standardization reusable toolkits like environment variable toolkit, content management toolkits, custom controls, Business Objects toolkits, Look and Feel Template Toolkits should be developed to promote reuse and central management of configurations.

8. Deployment Procedures -  Deployment Procedures should be goverened at COE level and directions provided via this document.

9. Development Best Practices - Recommended Best practices should be documented as development and design guidelines for new applications and developers.

10. In-Flight Migration Considerations

11. Integration Best Practices and Directives

12. Non-Functional Requirements Template

13. PDW Reporting Guidelines

14. Performance Considerations and Guidelines

15. Recommended Design Patterns 

16. Project Charter Template

17. Project LifeCycle and Development Methodology Guidelines

18. Security Considerations and Best Practices

19. Project Sizing and Estimation Worksheets

20. Application validation and Smoke Testing Procedures Manual - Per application

21. Unit Testing Best Practices

22. User Interfaces UI and UX Guidelines

23. User/Team/PG Management Guidelines

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