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By saving searches, you can provide Process Portal users with customized views of their tasks, for example, to include specific business data. Saved searches are displayed in the Saved Searches tab of the Process Portal interface.

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In addition, the Tasks and Processes widgets in Business Space use saved searches to list process instances, and tasks.

The Saved Search Admin BPM system application (SSA) contains the human service that allows users to create saved searches. The human service is exposed as an administrative service, in order for it to appear within the Process Admin console.

A saved search with a filter on USER_NAME filters all unclaimed tasks, independent of the operator. A filter on USER_NAME != 'LSW_NO_BODY_LSW' returns only claimed tasks of the current user.

To enable the globalization of saved search names, use localization keys for the Process Portal application. Define the keys in Process Designer by expanding Process Portal, clicking Setup, and opening the resource bundle group called ProcessPortal. Consider the following guidance:
Do not use special characters (for example: * or !)other than a period.
Start the saved search name with a letter.
Do not use more than 30 characters.
After you add a key to a resource bundle group that you want to use in a saved search, restart Process Center and restart the server.
For Process Server, use a resource bundle group that is in the default Process Portal version. Restart Process Server after the snapshot is activated.
If you define a value for a localization key, define a default value. Defining a default value prevents the problem of the Organize tabs list displaying blank items for the saved search names when Process Portal users sign in with a language that is not part of your Process Portal globalization plan.
Use localization keys in the following format: savedsearch.label.name_of_saved_search.
In the Server Admin area of the Process Admin Console, click Saved Search Admin.
Save a search.
In the Select Search section, select Define New Search, click Select, and name the saved search.
Choose the columns that are displayed in the search results by clicking Add in the Columns section.
Set the search conditions by clicking Add in the Conditions section. The search conditions determine which tasks are shown on the Saved Searches tab in Process Portal.
The conditions that are available depend on the column type that you select. For example, if you want to provide Process Portal users with a saved search that shows the tasks that they own, under Column Type, select Task and then select Assigned to User from the list of conditions.

Select the columns that you want to sort the results by, and then select the sort order.
Go to the Search Organized By list and select Task. If you select ProcessInstance from the list, only the first task of the process instance that matches the search criteria is returned.
In Process Portal, users do not see a search box for saved searches that are organized by process instance.
Test the search to make sure that it returns the results that you were expecting by clicking Search.
Click Save New Search to make the search available in Process Portal and Business Space.
Update an existing saved search. Select a search from the list in the Select Search section and click Select. Change the search criteria, and save the search.

Excerpt from IBM Knowledge Center

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