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This function will give you the full path if you pass the this object for the current coach view

var fullpath = function(cthis){
var fullviewid = "";
fullviewid = cthis.context.viewid + "/" + fullviewid ;

cthis = cthis.context.parentView();
return "/" + fullviewid;

to use simplly call

var fullviewpath = fullpath(this);
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you will need to skip container coach views like Horizontal Layout/Vertical Layout etc.
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I guess you are asking how to find the full path of a nested CV from Coach level. There is a trick I have been using since 8.5.7 (still work in BAW).

1. Run the Client Side Human Service.

2. Open developer mode of your browser then inspect the CV you want to get its full path

3. Find attribute "control-name". Its value is the full path of the CV. You can use it directly in "page.ui.get" API.

For instance: the full path found in below screenshot can be used as page.ui.get("/Simple_Form1/Integer1");

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