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I tested it out it works here is the twx for 8.5.5 version of this sample https://bpm.tips/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=15405832221338821524

slight correction to above code

tw.local.imagehtml = "<img alt='Embedded Image' src='data:image/png;base64," + tw.local.htmlResult + " ' />"
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A more advanced version of this is included at the following topic https://bpm.tips/794/what-is-a-coe-enterprise-identity-toolkit-why-is-it-needed?show=795#a795

that one uses a coach view and makes a REST API call using security context of the current logged in user and thus a login username and password is not needed also its a standalone coach view
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There is a REST API call to Retrieves a user's avatar or profile image. The retrieved image is a base64 encoded string packaged in a JSON structure. Use /avatar/{userNameOrID} to retrieve any user's avatar or use /avatar/current for the avatar of current logged in user.

GET /rest/bpm/wle/v1/avatar/{userNameOrID}

Then in custom html you can embed the image data using following syntax

<img src="..." />

This is based on possibility we will post a working example to test how it actually works.

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