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There is a Process App by Name PA1 and having BPD by name BPD1 and another process app by name PA2 and having BPD by name BPD2. How  to start BPD2 from Process app PA1?

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You can place a UCA in a toolkit and then share the UCA via toolkit across applications.
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You can use javascript api tw.system.model.findProcess().startNew(); to start any process from any process app.
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// from PA1

var lastSnapshot =tw.system.model.findProcessAppByName("PA2").snapshots.length-1

tw.system.model.findProcessAppByName("PA2").snapshots[lastSnapshot].findProcessByName("BPD2").startNew(new tw.object.Map(), false))

// If you know snapshot name of PA2 you can do

tw.system.model.findProcessAppByName("PA2").findSnapshotByName("snapShotName").findProcessByName("BPD2").startNew(new tw.object.Map(), false)

If BPD2 has input parameters you need to set them before starting the process
var inputs = new tw.object.Map();
tw.system.model.findProcessAppByName("PA2").findSnapshotByName("snapShotName").findProcessByName("BPD2").startNew(inputs, false)

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