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I have crude way of doing this "search for string " in a IBM BPM Process App which is not performed at backend. I use this approach to lookup for some string literals in a larg BPD that has too many services to inspect one at a time. This is a way of narrowing down the services that have string. This involves using grep command 

1. Export the process App in which you want to lookup for string and unzip to a folder.

2. CD to "objects" folder in cygwin (windows linux kind of shell) and run following command

for f in *;do grep -q 'stringToSearch' $f && grep -i -H process\ id= $f; done >> ..\\..\\services-that-have-match.txt 

Services that have the match are in the output file.

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There is this utility called TWXUsage which can be used to thoroughly search and identify the artifact where the search string exists, also it has where used, process application structure and snapshot comparison. It can use a downloaded twx or connect to Process Center to download one. Direct query against process server is not recommended due to performance impact and slowness of the queries since it searches through clob data.


it has both GUI and command line invocations uses java7 for gui.

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export twx file and extract it to local folder, then you can use text search tools to search arbitary strings
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you can use tools like notepad++ to search for multiple files in the unzipped files of the twx

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