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I have used Kolban's Tree Node to create Tree and I'm trying to change Tree View by button refresh connected to Init of the service. But the tree node value is not binding to the recent value when the coach loads, Please some one help me to bind recent values to Tree Node view on the coach.

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Looks like the kolban tree control is not fully implemented, you can achieve this by calling clearing out the values of the tree and calling destroy of the tree and then calling this.load();

Make a copy of the tree control and on the chang() handler put the following code

try {
this._tree._itemNodesMap = {};

            // reset the state of the rootNode
            this._tree.rootNode.state = "UNCHECKED";

            // Nullify the tree.model's root-children
            this._tree.model.root.children = null;

            // remove the rootNode
            if (this._tree.rootNode) {
var treeObject = dijit.byId("mytree");
if (treeObject){
} catch(error){

} catch(error){

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Thanks a lot Admin. This code works absolutely fine.

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