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I have complex coachview that has child coachviews. UI taking longer than usual time to render. My requirement does not allow to use tabs or split in multiple coaches. Any ideas how can we engineer to lazy load sections . For example on selection from  drop down we display sections that has form. I like to load this form on selection only.

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You willl benefit from lazy loading only if your data retrieval before the coach load is taking time, in that scenario you can defer the loading of the non visible data to ajax calls, you just have to construct an ajax service  as needed possibly with multiple inputs and multiple outputs(even complex variables can come back and get assigned to coach view complex variables), then on change of the selection invoke the ajax call and let it update the data of the view you can hide the view initially and only make it visible when data is rettrieved back i.e. as part of the callback function. Let me know if you run accross issues.
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lazy loading of rendering is available in Brazos toolkit e.g. for tabs if you have too many controls on not initially visible tabs you can benefit from it
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lazy loading of component coach views can be achieved using BPM UI Toolkit/Spark Toolkit with deferred section where you can set a delay for rendering e.g. for initially non visible UI areas
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You can use the Deferred Section control for lazy loading.

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