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For performance reasons we may want to make logging asynchronous what are the possible ways of accomplishing it in a BPM service.

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Hi. You can create an "utility service" (in a toolkit) that use the JMS/MQ connector (part of the BPM provided "Integration.jar") to "write" the log on a queue (a JMS queue or a WebSphere Queue). This is a fast and asynchronous way to log messages.

Another application can "dequeue" the messages from the queue and manage the informations as required (eg. put them on a relational DB).
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If you dont want to use external processing of log messages a simple way is to use the javascript timeout function

setTimeout(function(){ <write to log/db> }, 3000);

where 3000 is the delay in processing the function, this way the current thread does not wait for the completion of the write.

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you can use any async logging framework in bpm. just create a server side js function and call the underlying logging l

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