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An Enterprise runs multiple Process Applications across multiple Departments, right at the incorporation of BPM into enterprise as part of COE creation an enterprise identity toolkit is recommended, it provides the basic building blocks i.e. skeleton of assembling your user interfaces whether it is stand alone on-demand or inline Process Tasks. This way you can drive and dictate the visual appearance of all your applications and make them conform to the enterprise standard. We are providing here a sample Enterprise Identity Toolkit for reference purposes only. Even if you have one or two applications and want to progress into multitude of applications you can incept such a toolkit at later stages also.

8.5.6 Screen Shot

Also bundled are a lot of rapid prototyping Coach Views

You can download it here for IBM BPM 8.5.6

New Version Added Comments Control CV, BreadCrumbs Control CV and Address CV

Added Zip Code Lookup on address cv

Added SSN control CV

Style Changes, slider control CV

Download for 8.6 version

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