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If you have a button in a grid it fires a single boundary event, but you may need to know which instance/row inside the grid it was clicked, this can be done by making a copy of the button and altering the following

First you can change the binding type of the button to the appropriate datatype you want to receive

Add a configuration option new variable (e.g. yourconfigvariablename) of the row data which you will bind to hold the value

in Behaviour -> Event handlers -> View find the following lines

   if (context.binding) {
    context.binding.set("value", true);

and change them to

   if (context.binding) {
    context.binding.set("value", context.options.yourconfigvariablename.get("value"));

bind the receiving variable to the binding of the type you set the binding to earlier and the row BO data element to the config option, on clicking of the button in the row the config binding will get transferred to  the button binding element which you can use to identify which row button was clicked.

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