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Free for BPM.TIPS registered users without any support and warranty essentially for developers personal use, to get supported and licensed full version drop an email to admin@dosvak.com

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Hassle Free Process & Performance tools to

Maintain and Manage Process Instances in bulk
Maintain and Manage Tasks in bulk
Event Managers – automatically construct event messages with correlation
Timers – search for and fire timers
Tokens – search for tokens and move/delete them.
Update instance and task data – JSON syntax to update data
Cleanup instance data – completely remove stale Process Instance Data
Cleanup documents – search for and cleanup accumulated unwanted Documents.
Identify large BPD and Task Execution Context
Identify large and non-optimized managed assets js/css and images etc.
Performance Problems Identification and Performance tools and a lot more.

Download Evaluation Version for IBM BPM 8.6

Working and Usage Overview Video

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