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IBM Business Process Manager includes the System Governance toolkit, which supplies the templates, services, and business objects that you need to create a governance process. This topic describes creating a process relating to the installation of a process application snapshot. You can also create a governance process relating to changing the status of a snapshot for a process application or a toolkit.

By default, when anyone tries to install a snapshot of a process application, an instance of the default Installation Requested BPD from the System Governance toolkit is started. That default business process definition just allows the installation to proceed. If you want to apply governance to that process application, you need to replace that default BPD with a governance process that is customized to your requirements. You can use the governance process to notify people of the installation or you can set approvals in place so that no one can install it from IBM® Process Center on a process server until those approvals have been completed. Governance can provide a way to ensure that proper testing is done and approvals are secured before a snapshot of a process application is installed.

A governance process created in IBM Business Process Manager V8.0.0 cannot be used in this version. You must use a governance process from V8.0.1 or later. You must use the process described here to create a governance process. You must build your governance BPD using a template from the System Governance toolkit.

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