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I want to create new token.

I have a (b) tasks. (b) tasks is child of (a) tasks. I want to create a (c) tasks.

 (c) Tasks are children of (a) tasks too.  I called "http://ip/portal/jsp/inject?bpdinstance=piid&action=i&flowObjId=(a)task-bpdid" . But i failed. And I try called  "http://ip/portal/jsp/inject?bpdinstance=piid&action=i&flowObjId=(c)task-bpdid". Also failed. How can I do?
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hi Sooyoung

what is the actual buiness use case that you are trying to achieve. I dont think injecting a token on a process contructs is a good idea, it will lead to unexpected behaviours if not handled for all variables and logic changes as needed.

Can you explain your use case in more detail so that we can reacha  better solution?

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