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You can set the default landing page for Portal by using  JS API as follows

TWUser.setAttributeValue("Portal Default Page" , {URL of Service / Dashboard})

You can also set it with Bulk Attribute Assignment in Process Admin Console, 

or with REST API call

PUT /rest/bpm/wle/v1/user/{userNameOrID}?action={string}&key={string}&value={string}

where action will be setPreference and key will be "Portal Default Page"

and obviously the manual way is to click on the Plus icon when you are viewing the page/service/dashboard

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I am looking for how to change default landing page in process portal for all users. I am looking for detailed explanation of above answer
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try bulk attribute assignment in Process Admin Console to assign to multiple users at once
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You can change this in WAS console. You have to change default-page property in WAS Console

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