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Looks like there is no way to identify the current step in the OOB breadcrumbs and style is also flimsy, identifying the need we have created a custom control which is added to the Dosvak UI Toolkit.

This control is called Advanced Breadcrumbs and has four styles to choose from




Numeric Progress

It has configuration selection for the four styles, provides on click event handler and you can specify the label of the current item as a configuration. You need to provide a NameValuePair list of step names as name element and icon as value. e.g.

var autoObject = [];

autoObject[0] = {};

autoObject[0].name = "Entry";

autoObject[0].value = "fa-home";

autoObject[1] = {};

autoObject[1].name = "Review";

autoObject[1].value = "fa-search";

autoObject[2] = {};

autoObject[2].name = "Approve";

autoObject[2].value = "fa-thumbs-up";

autoObject[3] = {};

autoObject[3].name = "Finalize";

autoObject[3].value = "fa-database";

On click it will trigger the event handler as well as set the binding of the control to the selected item.

Dosvak Git Location is here

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