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You can make a copy of the stock text control and search for type="text" in "inline javascript" and change it to type="password", the benefit of this approach is that all the remaining functionality like validations on change etc will remain intact, People try to create a custom control but that is a lengthy and error prone process especially when there is a whole lot of functionality associated with a stock control.

Example implementation for 8.5.5 is here https://bpm.tips/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=3192351920854143174

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how to import that example in process designer?
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begin creating a new Coach View by clicking on plus sign next to User Interface category in the project tree and selecting New Coach View. In new coach view dialog we enter OrderView as name and click Finish
Each coach view is designed to present fields of a certain business object. Therefore, move to Variables tab and add new Business Data element of type Order and name it order.
design the Layout
show how to use this Coach View on a human task interface. Let’s open our bpd, and add Private Variable order of type Order, and make sure the Has Default checkbox is checked
drag an activity from palette to the Participant lane, name it Submit Order and connect it to Start and End using sequence flow

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