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Besides a browser based interface and responsive features support how is the actual development different in Client Side Human Services?

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The Difference B/w HHS & CSHS

HHS   - Heritage Human Service

CSHS - Client Side Human Service

1st Difference
HHS Runs In Desktop Editor(Desktop Process Designer)
CSHS Runs In Web Editor(Web Browser)

2nd Difference
HHS Run On The Server. We Need To Reload The Page To See The Effect
CSHS Runs On Client-Side. No Need Of Reloading The Page.The Change Can Be See The Very Next Moment.

3rd Difference
In HHS, Case Management Support Is Unavailable
In CSHS, Case Management Is Supported

4th Difference
In HHS, It Supports Server Scripts That Uses Server Script Syntax.
In CSHS, It Supports Client Side Script That Uses Standard JavaScript Syntax

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Here is a link to a good write-up on the topic: https://support.bp-3.com/hc/en-us/articles/206896707-Heritage-Human-Services-vs-Client-Side-Human-Services

My two cents: I get where IBM is going with CSHS, but the Web Portal has not been as reliable as I have hoped.  Development agility will slow down when utilizing CSHS, but overall I think that you'll want to start leveraging them.

**Edit: The above was written for BPM version 8.5.7
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As of 8.6 the browser based Process Designer is fully capable, we have active development in 8.6 and so far did not see any capability missing in it.
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