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As a newbie in BPM recruiting, trying to get a better understanding of the market on this niche skill set, are there specific industries that utilize BPM Developers the most? Are there certain locations in the US that have larger concentration of BPM Developers? I currently have an opening in San Diego, CA - but this seems to be a tough spot for finding BPM Developers. Help!

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BPM developers can be found in almost all locations and industries but financial sector is prominent in using Standard version of IBM BPM for  customer onboarding, KYC and Due diligence kind of processes also for hands off ETL and transaction processing using Advanced version, since the overall number of projects are not that many as compared to other technologies like java and oracle, consultants, developers travel or relocate to the client location. Almost every company which has IBM BPM for 2-3 years or more has a dedicated in-house pool (3-10) of resources. Every Consulting company also has a dedicated pool which tends to stick with them for long term unless better offer comes by. That is why it is hard to find good BPM developer resources in the open. Besides Financial industry there are HR, ERP integration, content management, audit processes, underwriting kind of implementations also.

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