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The DATA Blob Column in LSW_INSTANCE_DATA holds the runtime data of an instance, it seems to be a compressed java serialized object, it may be possible to un-compress it with oracle functions and then read it using tools like jdserialize, but don't think the data will be usable, Direct Process Server DB queries are not recommended since IBM may change the structure and working of these tables and the data within in future versions. Also they may cause locks hindering the performance of Process Server.

You can use REST API's, or JS API based retrievals to get that data, one misconception is that with JS API we can not get all the data but in our tests we have found that the instance.BusinessData.get(key) method returns a Map which has all the exploded objects in it. For list objects the value is a serialized form of the variable which can be converted back to an object using system.serializer.fromXML() method, just concatenate the returned value with an empty string or cast it to a string to make it a string for use by the above method. You can iterate over the keys and values to generate a xml of sort and then transform it using xslt to a usable xml for deserialization.

With REST APIs it  a simple process of converting JSON to desired format.

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