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BPD naming convention - The primary or top level BPD should be clearly marked with some Pre-fix or Post-fix identifier e.g. Primary Process or Top Level, All BPDs are generally named with the format {Verb}{Noun} . e.g., Review Request, Approve Request, Submit Ad-hoc Request, Process Ad-hoc Request etc.
Service naming convention - {type} {verb}{noun} - Type should specify system or the type of the service. For UI services every service should start with UI.  Wording should be with capital letters and space between each word. For preposition (on, at, in. etc.) words use a small letter instead of capital letter. Examples: SYSTEMA Get Supplier Details, SYSTEMB Get Supplier Contact Details, SYSTEMC Submit Extension Request, SAP Create Purchase Order, BIZ Rule Map Purchasing Team to Time Zone, UI Submit Supplier Request etc.
Variable Types 
{prefix}{noun}. Prefix could be the Business Entity name or sytem name. Every noun will generically describe the several fields grouped in the Variable Type. It can consist of one word or more. Every word should start with capital letter and there is no spaces or underscore between words. Examples: ProjectRequest, ShoppingCart, PurchaseOrder, etc.
Variables Camel case - Javascript industry standard – can consist of one or more word . the 1st letter small case letter. Every words first letter is a capital letter (except of the 1st word). Examples: attestationRequest, businessContext, processContext etc.
Snapshot naming convention  {Project Name} {Release/Environment name} {Date}​ Future snapshots created on the same date can have a V1, V2 suffix to this format.

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