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Hi, need suggestion how to read file from shared folder in ibm bpm server. i have create script to write file in service flow but there is no sample to read file from share folder.

//Below code converts the file content string in to byte[] (byte array).

var byteValue = Packages.java.lang.String(tw.local.ContentStream.content).getBytes();

// Below code, decodes the above Base64 byte array in to use format of byte[] (byte array)

var content64 = Packages.org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64.decodeBase64(byteValue);

    var fileName="/opt/docs/" + tw.local.ContentStream.fileName ;

            var file = new Packages.java.io.File(fileName);

             // if file doesnt exists, then create it

            if (!file.exists()) {




          //change permission to 777 for all the users

        //no option for group and others file.setExecutable(true, false);

        file.setReadable(true, false);

       file.setWritable(true, false);

            var fop = new Packages.java.io.FileOutputStream(file);


Thank you,

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