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IBM BPM 8.5 had the following features which were not there in 7.5 WLE versions

1. Web 2.0 Process Portal
2. New Coach Designer using Coach Views and ability to create custom Controls
3. Multiple Process Center Support
4. Ability to conect to ECMs with CMIS
5. Integration with SAP solution manager
6.  Mobile Development with IBM Worklight Enterprise Edition
7. Mobile Coach Toolkit
8. Content Management Events can initiate process
9. New Internal Document Repository based on CMIS, CMIS Toolkit also available
10. Introduction of "Team" Concept in place of Participant Groups, with Team Retrieval Services and Team Filter Services
11.Process Performance Dashboards and Team performanace Dashboards
12. Custom Dashboards can be created using provided Dashboard Toolkit
13 Bundling of ODM with BPM suite

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